CONDO HELL - my FIRST feature film! My Directorial debut!
We've received a lot of buzz about the film and have screened at several festivals in Hollywood with more to come!
These are some reviews and press releases for CONDO HELL.

CONDO HELL is a high-energy thriller shot entirely on-location at Rhode Island’s famous “Tupperware Mill” (where Tupperware was invented). The massive brick structure was built in 1904 and has become a well-known landmark throughout the state of Rhode Island. It was recently converted into beautiful loft-style condominiums. The film centers on a group of strangers stranded inside the maze-like building during an Open House celebration only to cross paths with a deranged serial killer.



Amy Wade to screen Condo Hell at RIP Horror Film Festival
September 12, 2016 - Norman Gidney

Rhode Island’s celebrated independent thriller, CONDO HELL, will have a special celebrity red carpet event screening on Friday, November 11th, 2016 at 9:00pm at Hollywood’s RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL held at the Vintage Los Feliz 3 Cinemas in Hollywood, CA. Director Amy Wade and cast members will appear in-person to introduce the film, along with a special Q&A moderated by actress and scream queen Share Cherrie (Heavy Makeup). (Review below)

CONDO HELL has taken the festival circuit by storm. Earlier this year, the film was selected by The Boston International Film Festival and recently screened at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and the Action On Film Festival – where Wade was nominated for Breakout Female Action Star in a Feature Film.

The driving force behind the success of this film is the talented and driven Amy Wade. It’s not often you hear about a female writing, directing, and producing her own feature. Wade also stars in the film and performs all of her stunt work. “It has been the ride of my life!” She says. “I’ve felt euphoria, excitement, exhilaration… but it also has been a long journey to complete this project. Some roadblocks and setbacks were overwhelming. There were so many times I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.” It took her four years to complete the movie.

Amy was born in Reading, MA and moved to Los Angeles when she was seventeen to pursue her life-long dream of becoming an actress. She pounded the pavement for 20 years, booking small roles in various B-movies, commercials, television projects, and theatre. She studied at L.A.’s top acting school Playhouse West under the direction of Robert Carnegie. There, she met several other students (and future cast members of Condo Hell) who became her life-long friends. In 2009, with little success, she made the difficult decision to move back East to be near her family again and to work with her father at the old mill. When Amy arrived at the building, she got goosebumps. “It reminded me of THE SHINING.” She says. “The hallways are enormous. From one end to the other is over 300 yards.” Wade says there are catwalks and secret tunnels and the basement is endless with creepy rooms, low-ceilings, and shadows everywhere. “I looked at my father and said, ‘I’m going to make a horror movie here one day.’”

Missing the world of acting, Amy visited Los Angeles a few years later and started to brainstorm the film project with a handful of actor friends. The timing felt right, so she began rounding up potential cast members and wrote the screenplay on her flight home. As soon as she got back to Rhode Island, she immediately scheduled a shoot date and pre-production began. “Throughout this entire journey, I realize that if I hadn’t moved back east, I never would have made this movie.”

In addition to Wade, the film stars Wayne Stemmler, Gia Franzia (Trick of the Witch), Kurt Phillips, Daniella Devarney, Patty Isas, Mahta Sharif, Stephanie Wilson, Mary Reavey and Armen Harootian.

The RIP Horror Film Festival runs from November 10th through November 13th and is one of the largest independent horror film festivals currently held in Los Angeles. Tickets are on-sale now for the festival and Condo Hell’s red carpet event at Brown Paper Tickets and the following web link

For more information about the RIP HORROR FILM FESTIVAL please visit

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Actress and Life Obsession
Showcase Of The Hottest Talents On The Planet and The World's Many Pleasures
September 4, 2016

Action on Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Amy Wade

It’s a boon to be able to follow the work of multi-talented women and at AOF 2016, Amy Wade is set to rouse us all with her many gifts. She’s the creative force of “CONDO HELL”, a horror flick that has guests at a condo unknowingly trespassing the hunting ground of a serial killer in a small town east of Boston, Massachusetts. Lauded as one of the upcoming feminine voices of indie horror, her passion to have audiences immersed in all things horror, especially after watching “CONDO HELLl” is a mark of her genuine dedication to the art of film-making. Amy also decided to opted to forgo any tongue-in-cheek elements, instead delving into the disturbing bowels of chilling terror. “CONDO HELL” is now sparkling on the festival circuit and we can’t wait to soak in the scares! Amy has also been nominated for the award of Best Female Filmmaker–Feature at AOF and she’s merited for even more awards in the months ahead.

We will also love the fact that women are at the core of her thrilling creation and this applies to Amy’s crew too. Shed did experienc some of the most stressing tribulations during the long shoot and still managed to complete the film. Amy is seriously made of stern stuff and should be regarded as a role model for any aspiring film-maker. Even those who are not from the industry will admire her zeal. Do indulge in the stories of the savvy Amy Wade and watch her shine in true indie spirit.




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