Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Amy Wade. Here's a little bit about me in a few sentences-

I LOVE my family and my friends, animals, nature, boxing and chocolate!
I'm a writer, actress, director, producer and filmaker.

I'm very excited about my first feature film! CONDO HELL, which is a horror film
that takes place in Rhode Island. You can check out the trailer on the CONDO HELL page.

Or, you can visit for upcoming events and a more detailed
description of the movie including cast and crew information.

Please "like" us on our CONDO HELL Facebook Page!

My other film, “GUNS VS ISSUES,” is a short film. (Ten minutes.)
It’s about me boxing my alter ego in a fight to the death. I play 11 different characters in the
movie. I hope you’ll check it out on my theatrical videos page!

I also hope you'll visit my blog site-
BITCHIN ON MY BLOG” for some laughs...

Thank you again, and I truly hope you enjoy your visit on my website!

Amy Wade

M.M.I. Management


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